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For most businesses and homes, heating is one of their greatest expenses, accounting for almost two-thirds of annual energy bills in colder areas of the country like New York. Heating systems in the United States emit a billion tons of carbon dioxide (CO2) and about 12% of the sulfur dioxide and nitrogen oxide emitted by the nation. Reducing energy use for heating is the single most effective way to reduce your business’ contribution to global environmental problems. At Lakes Region Mechanical, we can not only help reduce your carbon footprint but also your monthly heating expenses.

If your furnace or boiler is old, worn out, inefficient, or significantly oversized, the simplest solution is to replace it with a modern high-efficiency model. Gas furnaces without electronic (pilot-less) ignition, are prime candidates for replacement. Lakes Region Mechanical can supply and install heating systems or service your existing heat pumps and/or gas heating systems.

Some of the things we check include t-stat calibration, tightening of all electrical connections, as well as thermal couplings, pilot light for proper adjustment and the thermal coupling for proper placement in the pilot light. All safeties are checked, as well as the thermal shut-off for correct protection.

Our complete heating services include:

  • Heating Preventative Maintenance
  • Electrical Heating
  • Duct Heaters, Controls & Wiring
  • Boiler Service (Gas or Oil)
  • Heat Pumps
  • Heating Installations
  • Ductwork Installations
  • Heating Repairs and Service
  • Gas Piping Installation
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